Leathers D.G., “Komunikacja niewerbalna”, transl. by M. Trzcińska, Wydawnictwo Naukowe. PWN, Warsaw O’Neill T., “Strażnicy krainy Baśni”, National. Leathers D.G. Komunikacja niewerbalna. Zasady i zastosowania. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN; 7. Ellgring H, Scherer KR. Vocal indicators of. New York: Brenner/Mazel; p. 65– Heaton AH. Podstawy umiejętności terapeutycznych. Gdańsk: GWP; Leathers D.G. Komunikacja niewerbalna.

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Rules of building and coordinating the value chain 3. Student will be able to choose and use d.g.komunnikacja tools of marketing communication to present the chosen topic.

49 Paralinguistic communication in the therapeutic relationship

Moreover, the use of such meta-announcements — especialArchives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, ; 1: The clinician, using, e. Terbal and nonverbal expression of affect in speech of schizophrenic and depressed patients. Predicting therapists tone of voice.

Nonverbal concomitants of perceived and intended persuasiveness.

The therapist who speaks with the standard, general and literary metaphoric dialect at the time of informing the patient about the cause and type of the disorder Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, ; 1: Presenting forms of foreign expansion of enterprises. Numerous experiments seem to indicate that the voice is more important than the face in formulating judgements about the domination of a particular person; the face in turn is more important than vocal signals in forming of judgements about likeability [17, 18].

The voice of patients suffering from these symptoms usually sounds very sad, especially when faced with the necessity to refer events from their own past, both kinder and depressing, or overwhelming. Voice characteristics and mental disorder A strong connection between the characteristics of voice and certain psychopathological states has been documented.


In the article the author also shows the influence of voice vocal features on evoking many nonspecific therapeutic factors as well as accelerating the insight and overworking process. Therefore, a therapist should more thoroughly analyse voice features present at a therapeutic interaction and become their conscious sender and recipient.

Komunikacja otwarta: werbalna i niewerbalna by Gosia Boguslowicz on Prezi

Unnecessarily, hypercorrectly emphasizing uttered words, intensively chanting some sentences, speaking too fast and too loud can make the patient feel dominated. Thematic scope of the project: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Davitz [9] showed that, based on vocal signals, we can accurately identify emotional states such as anger, frustration, sadness, happiness, sympathy, satisfaction, fear and love, jealousy and pride. J Consult Clin Psychol.

Communication Techniques in Business (09 40 01)

International business marketing strategies. Pers Soc Psychol Bull. Uwarunkowania i kierunki rozwoju. Similarly, the addressee here: Otherwise, it may turn out that there d.g.komubikacja a large discrepancy between what is actually communicated by the patient paraverbally, and how it is perceived by the therapist. Techniki skutecznego przekonywania, Helion, Gliwice Theoretical concepts of foreign expansion.

The new dimension of competitiveness in global economy. Sometimes a seemingly clear and logical statement with a positive tinge, can, through an improper meta-announcement, express a negative attitude.

Techniki skutecznego przekonywania, Helion, Gliwice Attendance Policy – Thera. The author indicates that vocal signals themselves may often influence the content of transmission and give a lot of reliable information about patients.

International trade business strategies. J Pers Soc Psychol. The communication of emotional meaning. Student will be able to analyze and critically evaluate a presentation shown. Rapid speech may promote on inhibit persuasion through its impact on message elaboration.


Transfer of knowledge about the environment and international companies conducting business in this area. Fish [3] the therapeutic interactions without meta-communication would create a chain of mutual misunderstandings and conflicts.

J Health Soc Behav. As a consequence, to the end of the session, the patient may feel d.g.komunikxcja and anxiety, yet having no idea how it came to the deterioration of his frame of mind.

A therapist is able to recognize them by careful listening to all vocal signals, particularly to: If sou desire to see, learn how to act. Student will be able to identify and explain the appropriate tools of communication in business. Mehrabian A, Williams M. An additional problem is the fact that on the one hand the creation of such meta-announcements easily gets out of control, and on the other, the attack that is hidden in them is usually so subtle that often the sender here: Analysis of international surroundings – SWOT 2.

Therefore, the paralinguistic messages may provide additional information about how much the extra-verbal message is honest, and to what extent it is distorted. For example, anger and contentment can on the one hand be transmitted by vocal emotional states, but on the other hand, their purpose may also be to communicate attitudes d.g.komunikaxja certain people.

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