Lenore: Gottfried August Bürger: Bürger published the ballad “Lenore,” a spectral romance in which a ghostly rider, posing as Lenore’s dead lover, carries her. Leonora has 48 ratings and 5 reviews. Suvi said: Lenore complains to God how he has treated her unfairly, because her fiancé William still hasn’t returne. Full text transcription of Gottfried Burger’s ballad, ‘Lenora’ (translated by Thomas Taylor), as well as an invitation to students to join a collaborative project related.

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I think it perfectly worthy of publication. Bearing the coffin, bearing the bier ; And the chime of their chaunt was hissing and harsh. Then the driver cracked his whip and called to his horses, and off they swept on their way to Bukovina.

Marianne rated it really liked it Feb gotfried, Macfarren pro- duced at a Birmingham Festival. Child, utter an Ave Marie!

Bram Stokers’ use of Gottfried Bürger’s Ballad “Lenore” in Dracula (1897)

LondonDecember You are commenting using your Twitter account. Julia Margaret Cameron the same lady, a valued friend of mine, who afterwards produced a considerable impression by her splendid pictorial-looking photographs published an ornamental volume—her own rendering of Lenoreaccompanied by steel-engravings after Maclise. You cannot deceive me, my friend; I know too much, and my horses are swift. Der Mond scheint hell. Adolf Heimann, of University College, London, — a most kind friend as well as excellent instructor.

Her mother warns her earnestly against the sin of blasphemy, but to no effect: It depicts the many facets of life’s cruelty, raising questions about man’s pitiful existence, and is written with a touch of irony that gives the poem a tinge of the absurd.


Considering that, according to Scott’s and Taylor’s translations, the lovers are riding to Hungary, the second of these lines is just as reasonable as Shakespear’s “Bohemia near the Sea”; for where does the sea come in any ride to Hungary?

Groans from the earth and shrieks in the air!

Gottfried August Bürger Lenore by Tony Dinh on Prezi

Refresh and try again. Lenore and Wilhelm rides to their marriage bed.

While slightly and lightly the gentle bell Tingles and jingles softly and well ; And low and clear through the door plank thin Comes the voice without to the ear within: Next, Sir Walter Scottinpublished a version anonymously. And the martial throng, with laugh and song, Spoke of their homes as they rode along. There are also translations by Pye, the Poet Laureate, and by J. Kirsty rated it really liked it Nov 30, There are yet other versions of Lenore, known to me little or not at all: This William and Marieas it happens, was sold at the same auction-sale in which Lenore was included: Dost fear, my love, the spirits?

It is rather noticeable that these first essays in verse-translation should all have been from the German — a language which Rossetti never knew thoroughly, which, after early youth was past, he did not in any way keep up, and which he may be said to have all but wholly forgotten in course of time. Rossetti has largely reinforced it on the picturesque or romantic side. At last, at last, we have reached the spot, For the speed of the dead man has slackened not!


They amount to this: Boerner stresses the folk-lore connections visible and the fact that the story has various endings though mostly fatal.

The Laureate was not extremely faithful to his original in substance, and not at all in metre ; and I think his version hardly as good as the average of others.

Ogttfried all the translations with which I am acquainted, the best, I venture to think, is the one which Dante Rossetti wrote at the age of sixteen. Is my love afraid of the quiet dead? Her parents’ clumsy attempts to console her only make Lenore freak out more and more, culminating in her accusing God of cruelty and injustice.

Of all the translations lneore I have seen, this is the faithfullest. A tale of such beauty and terror might well have kindled his lively imagination”.

Gottfried Burger, “Lenora” – Hypertext Reader – Romantic Circles High School – Romantic Circles

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The idioms are the elegances of which no neighbor can deprive us and they are sacred to the tutelary goddess of the language. Ere the planks of the marriage-bed close us in. Gottfriwd he wrote to his fellow poet Heinrich Christian Boie: Return to Book Page. As it rumbles out eleven? The horseman’s jerkin, piece by piece.

Is thy heart still free and still faithful to me?

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