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See MSigDB license terms here. Please note that certain gene sets have special access terms.

Reactome gene sets C3: GO molecular function C6: C10orf2 C10orf2 chromosome 10 open reading ldy C11orf49 C11orf49 chromosome 11 open reading fr C15orf63 C15orf63 chromosome 15 open reading fr C19orf10 C19orf10 chromosome 19 open reading fr C19orf39 C19orf39 chromosome 19 open reading fr C19orf50 C19orf50 chromosome 19 open reading fr C2orf47 C2orf47 chromosome 2 open reading fra C2orf65 C2orf65 chromosome 2 open reading fra Copyright c Broad Institute, Inc.


Genes up-regulated in monocyte derived macrophages: CXCL4-induced macrophages overexpressed some M1 and M2 genes and the corresponding cytokines at the protein level, 25746, their transcriptome clustered with neither M1 nor M2 transcriptomes.

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They almost completely lost the ability to phagocytose zymosan beads. Genes linked to atherosclerosis were not consistently up- or downregulated.

We conclude that CXCL4 induces a unique macrophage transcriptome distinct from known macrophage types, defining a new macrophage differentiation that we propose to call M4.

Further investigate these genes. Categorize these genes by gene family.

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