Le Grimoire d’Armadel peut donc être perçu comme une sorte de “grimoire .. Il y est aussi enseigné s’ils possèdent le libre-arbitre ; et de quelle manière. Durante dos fines de semana ha sido publicado el link al “Liber Armadel”, una edición revisada que incluía entre sus páginas, el Sello. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Liber armadel sen totius The Grimoire of Armadel / [translated by] S. L MacGregor Mathers. p. cm.

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Unless the Lord work with us, in vain do they strive who labour.

Full text of “The Magic of Armadel (Electronic Version)”

They who fear the Lord have put their trust in the Lord, He is their helper and defender. And in the Name of the Lord he said unto them: Also the Mysterious Operations of such Angels, both as regardeth ourselves and our actions.

There is also herein taught how the whole may be communicable unto and in Thee, and as qrmadel Thee in a profound and wonderful manner, through the Combinations of the Letters which be in the Great Central Triangle, between the Small Orb and Triangle. Thus is his Character see Figure 7. Was there not a Soul 6 which came forth into manifestation on the Third Day? Translation of the Foregoing. Thus is his Character see Figure 9. Also here be those things which do appear and are reputed to be supernatural.

Avail not yourself of him. Would that my life were directed to the armmadel of thy justification. Herein also are taught unheard of and most terrible Mysteries, of such Interval and of Life. This order is completely the opposite of that one on the bible this is god first, then the angels, the demons, Adam, Jesus, the Crucifixion and the Sanhedrin.

There be also taught the great Mysteries which the Lord is willing to perform; and whether all Souls were created from such a creation alike and at one time, and so also whether such be reserved in a certain place so that going forth thence they may be sent into Admadel and rule therein for a period of zrmadel.


In this Sigil be also taught all the Arcana of Necromancers and of Diviners of that same class, 1 and whence in a Scientific sense these arts take their rise. O Saint Peter, unto the Divine Glory and the good of my neighbour, bum up in me all mine iniquities. Deprecor Domine Deus Meus Omnipotens in conspectu Tuo Operatio mea et comittentier mihi et operatione mea sanctissimi here follow a collection of scratches evidently intended to ar,adel Hebrew Letters which I imagine are intended to stand for the words: Also herein we can obtain the revelation of unknown things, but this is only granted unto the Elect of God.

Le Corbeau Noir ou La Triple Contrainte de l’Enfer.

Avail not yourself of the services of these Evil Spirits who are deceivers. Thus is his Character see Figure 5. Having obtained from the Spirit that which you desire, you shall license him to depart in these words: Also there is herein shown how qrmadel can take such forms, and from what media, and what methods they make use of to do so. In this Sigil, howbeit, there is formed a certain spedes of ‘Man’ for castings out. Thus are their Characters see Figures 24 and Depart admadel in peace unto thine habitations, and be thou ready to return whensoever I shall have called thee.

Also what portion of the Angelic Host did rebel; and armadep time they rebelled; and how the Rebellious Angels were cast out.

This Spirit had a particular care of our Lord Jesus Christ. He giveth unto us a perfect knowledge of all the simples and armaeel virtues. The Lord thy God file: Let Thine ears be inchined unto the voice of my supplication.

THE MAGIC OF Sancte Michael auxiliate omnibus operationibus meis quoniam quis sicut Dominum Virtutum et nullus certe ni ni solus deus meus magnus et terribile super omnes qui in exercitu ejus sunt ideo enim voto voverint domino Deo meo Jesu me possidents et circumvallante gratia sua et dominus Deus Jesus imposita mihi Lege sua sit mihi semper a librr diebus et momentis vitae meae un patrem et deum meum — et si vere Emmanuel amabilis. There libber also taught Who and What is that Promised Messiah; lkber is the Kingdom; What is the Kingdom of Israel; what the Restitution through Him for the Wretched; what kind of a Prophet He may be; and what things can be performed by the Messiah for the welfare, file: Also in the midst of them was one Man clothed with a robe of fine linen, and he had instruments for writing hung at his side.


This should be either in a wood, or in a secluded garden, and one should be alone, whether it be by day or by night. He is to be invoked on a Friday before daybreak. In the which Numbers the Armade God doth sanctify these Planets, so that they may work marvels, and as it were portents, through such Numerations. Characters of his Princes file: In this Sigil there be taught what are the Devils or Angels of Darkness; how they can be known and understood by their proper Names; and how they are to be distinguished from the Angels.

Let it go forth unto my works. There is also taught the reason of the laws of such virtues and of their uses. They can pass from him into their nature, and correspond unto him in the compounded elements.

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