Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort, Volume 2 · Fenton John Anthony Hort,Sir Arthur Hort No preview available – Life and Letters. Fenton John Anthony Hort. D.D., D.C.L., LLD. SOMETIME HULSEAN PROFESSOR AND LADY MARGARET’S READER. IN DIVINITY IN THE. Life and Letters contains a collection of F. J. A. Hort’s letters arranged chronologically with biographical notes by his son, Arthur Fenton Hort. Volume one covers.

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Femton understand that the question comes on in the Queen s Jojn on Saturday. I answered your last letter but one in a great hurry supernumerarily, and so did not examine all your questions ; among them I see the coats mentioned. At Rugby he was placed in the Upper Division of the Middle Fifth, his house-master s own form ; the form next above was taken by the Rev. Adams the ac count of their discovery of Neptune. We are endeavouring to establish in this House Shak- sperian Readings ; they answer very well at some of the other Fentpn and are very popular.

The Gallery noises have been tremendous; first of all the cries of ” Cap, cap! Page – Human nature will not flourish, any more than a potato, if it be planted and replanted, for too long a series of generations, in the same worn-out soil. My own letgers idea tho of course subject to subsequent modification is to make Classics my strong point following my inclination and powersand Mathematics as much as practi cable.

It is characteristic of his mind that he viewed all the movements of the time in connection with theology. Collett, and a short stay at Boulogne, where Fenton at the age of ten was sent to his first school.

I by no means think it incumbent letterz all, who consider Hare s orthography best, to adopt it on that account in opposition to the general fashion, but simply wish to excuse those who have no objection to so doing. His home letters of this time have not been preserved, with the exception of those to his brother, which were doubtless specially treasured by the parents after Arthur s untimely death.

The rule was that, sup posing the distance of one planet from the sun to be x times as great as that of the earth from the sun, the distance of the next outer planet from the sun would be 2 x- i times that of the earth.

You will be sorry to hear that Tait has been very ill feenton some time of rheumatic fever; the last account two days ago was that it had reached his heart and he was not expected to live.


Piccadilly is the model of the real Piccadilly 10, times Piccaninified. The Hall also must have caught, and the first beam of the Combina tion Room was just charred. Nor peace that grows by Lethe, scentless flower, There in white languors to decline and cease; But Peace whose names are also rapture, power, Clear sight, and love; for these are parts of peace I might talk for ever about this unhappy business, but I will say no more now of it, unless anything particular should occur to me.

Yet she was no Spartan mother ; strength of will and inflexibility of purpose did not make her, any more than they made her son, incapable of ten derness.

Almost equally characteristic was her hatred of all half performance. But the con stables efficiently kept the peace, no cads venturing into the streets, and I believe there has been no row since. In his early struggles, when he first entered the Sixth Form inne received warm encouragement from the new headmaster, Dr. Circumstances had made her an adherent of the Evangelical school, and she was to a certain degree hampered by it ; the Oxford Movement filled her with dread and anxiety as to its possible effect on her son.

I went into NevilTs Court by the nearer end of the arches, observing as I went through a bright red glare on the opposite windows, and when I got to the corner near the Library door and looked back, there was a good deal of flame mixed with the smoke.

The first thing you will wish to know about is the scholarships. Verily every circumstance of every day, be it news of crime, or of heresy, or of sectarianism, or of aught else, convinces me more and more that the Church is the only center of all our hopes, that only 60 FENTON JOHN ANTHONY HORT CHAP, in by clinging fast to her, by submitting to her mild and lawful authority, by shaping our ways according to her indications, and above all by venerating and upholding with gratitude and love, and leading others to venerate, those Holy Sacraments, which no less than His Holy Word her Divine Head has entrusted to her keeping and administration, can we hope with any well-grounded cause for hope either to preserve our own souls and minds from the moral and intellectual seductions which swarm everywhere around, or to maintain among others the authority of God s truth and God s holy law amid the con flicting whirlpools of modern English society.


I attempted to get into NevilFs Court by the end of the arches nearest the Hostel, but the smoke was too strong.

Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort

Macmillan says that it appears from the Life that Sterling was an ardent admirer of Strauss! Garnons Williamswho survived him but a month. I should be the last in the world to join in the insane cry against them which happily is now somewhat hushedso strong a sense have I of their value ; only allow room for somewhat else, anthkny depend upon it they will not suffer. I am much obliged to you for taking the girls to the sights without waiting for me, more especially Mad.

But you might say with quite as much reason, ” How anx that men who do this should be allowed to live at all,” hodt then proceed to exterminate them. Here is a conundrum for you of my own making. Tait, who, besides nad his ability and industry, spoke of him at the age of sixteen as having “a thought- fulness of character from which the best fruit may by God s blessing be expected ” ; and a year later he predicts that ” he will turn out a thoughtful and very valuable man.

At the time of the move from Ireland there were four children two girls and two boys ; the second boy, Arthur, was three years Fenton s junior ; his sisters, Margaret and Catharine, were born in and respectively.

I have not read Whately s lengthy defence of Lord John and his protege, fentn the glance I gave at it did not prepossess me in its favour. We have a magnificent room, I am afraid to say how long, for Debates and reading-room ; also a smaller and snugger room, and, I believe, a smoking-room, and a really excellent Library of all subjects, which is a great resource.

On reperusing Mirabeau, I have been still more struck than before by its extraordinary power and beauty, though I do not quite under stand it all.

Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort

I think you had better take in the clove carnation. In March Arthur was taken very ill with measles, and Fenton was fetched home from Rugby ; he also fell a victim, but recovered in due course. You said you hoped I like Greek I like it very much.

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