LLVM Language Reference Manual. Abstract; Introduction. History of docs / @. The LLVM compiler infrastructure project is a “collection of modular and reusable compiler and .. For the full documentation, refer to ^ Stellard, Tom (March 26, ). “[LLVMdev] RFC: R, a new backend for.

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Specialized metadata nodes are custom data structures in metadata as opposed to generic tuples. The possible condition codes are:.

History of docs/ – llvm (a3fdc02) – GIT mirror

Metadata can be used as function arguments. Specifying a GC strategy will cause the compiler to alter its output in order to support the named garbage collection algorithm. The metadata identifying each domain is itself a list containing one or two entries. Amy Brown, Greg Wilson.

When indexing into a optionally packed structure, only i32 integer constants are allowed when using a vector of indices they must all be the same i32 integer constant. This means that code must first load the half-precision floating point value as an i16, then convert it to float with llvm. If the alignment is not specified, then the code generator makes a target-specific assumption. Free and open-source software. It supports the following directives:.

The LLVM assembly language reference manual does not define what this type is, so all transformations should be prepared to handle these functions regardless of the type used.


If a symbol appears in the llvm. Error Emits an error if two values disagree, otherwise the resulting value is that of the operands. The transformation will attempt to isolate the unsafe dependencies into their own loop. The result is a scalar of the same type as the element type of val.

Either global variable definitions or declarations may have an explicit section to be placed in and may have an optional explicit alignment specified. While the exact semantics of an operand bundle depend on the bundle tag, there are certain limitations to how much the presence of an operand bundle can influence the semantics of a program. The address space kangref must precede any other attributes. This intrinsic indicates that until an llvm. There are two forms of this instruction, corresponding to a conditional branch and an unconditional branch.

See the variable argument processing section. Here are some examples of potentially surprising transformations that are valid in pseudo IR:. Their fields are labelled, and can be specified in any order. When using the hexadecimal langrfe, constants of types half, float, and double are represented using the digit form shown above which matches the IEEE representation for double ; half and float values must, however, be exactly representable as IEEE half and single precision, respectively.

If the callee unwinds then no return value is available.


Optionally, a TLS model may be specified:. Output constraints do not consume an argument from the call instruction. A pointer value is associated with the addresses associated with any value it is based on. The following is the syntax for constant expressions:. If the target supports it, it will emit llvn to the section specified.


Each type of metadata specifies a list of scopes where each scope has an id and a domain. Retrieved May 25, Poison Values have the same behavior as undef valueswith the additional affect that any instruction which has a dependence on a poison value has undefined behavior. When inlining, the attribute is sticky. The table is not allowed to contain duplicate constant entries. The only time hexadecimal floating point constants are required and the only time that they are generated by the disassembler is when a floating point constant must be emitted but it cannot be represented as a decimal floating point number in a reasonable number of digits.

The first argument is always a type used as the basis for the calculations. These examples show the crucial difference between an undefined value and undefined behavior. Note that this definition of noalias is intentionally similar to the definition of restrict in C99 for function arguments, though it is slightly weaker.

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