Lobo – komiks. 4 likes. Book. Privacy · Terms. About. Lobo – komiks. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started. In space, no one can hear you frag. By popular demand, Lobo hits the comic shops in his very own ongoing monthly series, without a. Lobo is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The Lobo character was created by Roger Slifer and Keith.

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One Czarnian was off-world when he unleashed his plague, and by coincidence it happened to be his fourth grade teacher, Miss Tribb. For Amalgam Comics ‘ version of this character, see Lobo the Duck. The planet later became the site of an assassination attempt on Lobo, which is detailed in the mini-series “Lobo Infanticide”. Death from klmiks stings is very slow.

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In 52he again regenerated from a pool of blood, but komims clones were created so he no longer appears to retain this ability. Lobo was freed from his prison in a battle between Etrigan and Blue Deviland went on a rampage through Hell to seek revenge on Neron.

This new version sets course for Earth after discovering his counterpart, a Komkis imposter, had been there. He can create complex virulent agents and the corresponding antidotes; in olbo version of his backstory, he released such a plague on Czarnia as a science project, resulting in the deaths of the entire population in the span of one week.

The future of the movie was then put on hold. Lobo possesses an amazingly developed sense of smell, which allows him to track objects ,obo solar systems, as well as a separate tracking ability enabling him to track an individual across galactic distances. In some instances, he is depicted as being barely stronger than a human while, in others, he demonstrates physical strength on a similar level to Superman.


However, a second version of Lobo was introduced in Justice League In other media Animated films Justice League: He is a member of Amanda Waller’s first Suicide Squad. In addition, Lobo has fought the Teen Titans and Blue Beetle in their respective titles in order to stop a rocket for the Reach, in which he failed. Al and Darlene later prosper lomiks to Lobo’s appetite for destruction; he destroys the city, except for the diner, leaving hordes of construction workers only one place to eat lunch.

Mega Fun in German.

Lobo is the last of his kind, having committed complete genocide by killing all the other Czarnians for fun. Throne of Atlantis Batman vs. He once was known to destroy an entire planet for not finding the cigar of his liking. Lobo was introduced — although initially rarely used — as a hardboiled villain in the s, and remained in limbo until his revival as an anti-hero biker with his own comic in the early s.

Most lkbo his children are slain in a battle with the ‘Brutish’ empire, a race of aliens who had decided to take the empty planet for their own.

She breaks the barrier between her dimension and the dimension Lobo inhabits in the comic book, and Lobo finds himself in a fight with The Authority. He fights Aquaman when a traveling space dolphin visiting Earth is killed by Japanese komik. Lobo is the main character of the novel DC Universe: Suicide Squad Young Justice. It is not fully known the extent to which his powers are common for his race or unique to him.

He is immune to the effects of aging and disease and has been banned from entering either Heaven or Hell.

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Lobo, still eager to find his bounty, goes into the black hole. Unknown to Lobo the Psions had created clones of Lobo attempting to bring back the Czarnian race, which could make them unstoppable, but the series ended before this was played out.

Batman eventually implants a bomb into Lobo’s brain and detonates it, blowing up Lobo’s head. As such, even though he can sustain sufficient injury to be out of commission for quite some time, he will apparently heal from any injury, given sufficient time.


At the prospect of a last well-paid job and a chance to score with the client, Lobo quickly agrees, and again invades the diner to use their Tesseract teleporter to reach his gear. Marvel crossover series, he fought Wolverine and lost due to popular vote by fans. Lobo appeared in “Deadly Serious”, a two-part crossover mini-series with Batman in Augustwritten and drawn by Sam Kieth.

If Lobo sustains injury, his accelerated healing factor enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with superhuman speed and efficiency, and little apparent pain. DC Comics superheroes DC Comics supervillains Comics characters introduced in comics debuts DC Comics aliens Fictional characters who can duplicate themselves Fictional characters who have made pacts with devils DC Comics characters with accelerated healing DC Comics characters with superhuman strength DC Comics titles Extraterrestrial supervillains Fictional bikers Fictional bounty hunters Fictional mass murderers Fictional mercenaries Fictional sole survivors Characters created by Keith Giffen Extraterrestrial superheroes Supervillains with their own comic book titles.

This power was removed by Vril Dox during Lobo’s time with L. Len Wein John Romita Sr. Last Sons and Lobo Annual 3 Vol 2 A battle between the two makes it unclear which of them survived. Lobo happens to be under contract to deliver Miss Tribb to his employer Vril Doxa very sensitive situation. Robin Justice League Dark. He has displayed particular susceptibility to gaseous chemicals. However, he continues solo activity, which seems to often bring him to Earth and in conflict with its heroes.

In the yeara magical accident transforms Lobo into a teenager. Lobo often visits Warriors, Guy’s bar, where he enjoys free drinks.

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