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I found Sage 50 to be glitchy in the past. Unlike QB, certain entries cannot be deleted, but must be backed out. Since current is always opened before the prior year is completed, there is never any point in time where a comparative report is of any use.

Not able to create the desired reports with ease. It’s also a lot harder to find an accountant that works with Sage and actually knows what they’re doing. Accueil Sage 50cloud Avis sur Sage 50cloud. inteegrale

And also does not have many capabilities. Once I used it for a couple of days and got filteype stuff explained, I was able to grasp it and fully efficient! If there is some particular 3rd party add on you need to use and only quickbooks has it then the decision is made for you.

Avis sur Sage 50cloud

It allows you to have multiple clients that can be set-up differently, with different logistiqe, finance charges, etc. We were limited based on the number of items we wanted to track. I suspect it’s basically the same flietype the American version, except for sales tax and payroll, but I would check a review of that version for any American users. You can set up an assistant to begin entering basic transactions almost immediately.


There are a lot of improvement to the latest version, which allow much easy listing and printing from different ledgers write at inyegrale input window. A functional software for small uncomplicated businesses. No way to report on Purchase Order vs invoice purchase amounts or pricing. I am sure that I will think of one in the future but for now I am at a loss.

d8e049 – Exercices corriges

I literally had to go into the the menu drop down to figure out which company was which. Within those 20 different departments, we were also able to track 7 different expense categories not accounts, groups of accounts.

If you’re only looking for an accounting software this software fits the ticket. The issue was that when logistiquw was a problem, it was really time-consuming to fix and I often had to bring in outside tech support when Sage couldn’t solve the problem, so it cost a lot of extra time and money a few times a year.

One time use items or BOMs have to be added to part master to never be removed which clutters system, or have to integrals entered as a description items which severely limits usability. I can process payments and check on outstanding receivables logistqiue on the go. Very user friendly and easy to learn and navigate around. Journal Entry adjustments I think this product would rate up there fiiletype QuickBooks.

Comparing the software to QuickBooks, I think there is a lack of efficiency in entering Journal Entries especially when you happen to find a problem that originated in a prior year. When I first worked on it I had never used it before and was very unfamiliar with it. It was great for that and for the everyday AP, payroll and GL. Sage has helped us to improve our job costing.


Designed really for small, basic use.

Sage50 items do not link — a line on a PO, SO, Quote, etc cannot be clicked to bring up the item card. Good software for a professional. Finding information in Sage is difficult, must search through multiple screens, reports, or excel spreadsheets to find date Order data exists in many separate views SO, PO, WO, Invoice without a single summary view of status.

Reports work well and the double-checking capabilities are thorough. Their constant ads are something you can live with. I wish the cloud functionalities of Sage Drive were more versatile, and you could have at least 2 users working on it at the same time, rather than having one user as read-only.

Quickbooks has tiny font but you can certainly see lots of stuff on every page. Want to do accounting?

Exercices corriges d8e – Exercices corriges

Features work well among eachother. I simply love this application. Year end process is unnecessarily convoluted and cumbersome for the business. At one point, I needed to have two companies open at once, and the windows did not title which company was which.

It is very basic. That’s a plus for small businesses looking to find an employee or outside service provider to take care ,ogistique their books. Sage Peachtree is better Logishique is cheaper than other larger accounting programs. Personal experience is Sage support is very slow to respond to queries.

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