Lora Leigh (born ) is a New York Times bestselling author of erotic romance novels. Leigh is most highly noted for The Breeds series and won the RT. Primal [Lora Leigh, Michelle Rowen, Jory Strong, Ava Gray] on # 1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh returns to her sensual world of the Breeds in an all-new novella that explores Primal Kiss was a good read. The only story I have read out of this anthology is LL’s Primal Kiss. The story is about Kita and Creed with a lot of Cassie thrown in. I did not.

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Logistic expert and emergency med tech. Special consultant and enforcer for the Bureau of Breed Affairs. Aaron Bressfield – Human. Front runner in the U. Strong opponent of Breed law.

Aaron Lawrence – Human. Father of Seth Lawrence.

Biological father of Veronica “Roni” Andrews. Made his fortune exact amount unknown, but estimated in the billions through corporate mergers and illegal activities. At one time, provided funding to anti-Breed groups, including the Genetics Council. Had an affair and fathered Roni Andrews with a woman. Was confined to a wheelchair. When he learned Roni had been mated by a Breed, he tried to have her kidnapped from Sanctuary.

Aaron Cain Ryder a. Father of Carson Ryder deceased. Father to an unnamed human female deceased; she was killed a year after her older brother when it was discovered she’d wired her brother money and helped him escape their father’s clutches. She was found drowned in the family pool with a high level of alcohol in her system, yet was an excellent swimmer and didn’t drink alcohol. Her killer is unknown. Grandfather to Cainis Ryder a.

Grandfather to an unnamed human female she is the daughter of Aaron’s daughter. Member of the Genetics Council one of “The Twelve” leading members. His role as a spy is ‘outed’ by Rhyzan Brannigan in Cross Breeds. He has an office in Washington D. Aaron Washington – Human. New York City police officer. Worked off-duty security for Philip Brandenmore and Horace Engalls.

Member of the Deadly Dozen. Murdered by Patrick Wallace in revenge. Acker McGuire – Human.

He shoots and nearly kills Lance Jacobs. Aiden Chance – Wolf Breed. Head of security at Haven. From the labs in New Mexico.


Tried to protect his sister Faith from the cruelties of the labs, and always fought his conditioning and controlled his desires. He was whipped and scarred by Delia Bainesmith. Aimee – Lion Breed. Mated rpimal Lion Breed, Mark deceased. Mother of unborn Breed fetus deceased. She was 23 years old at time of her death Megan’s Mark. Created in the same French lab as Jonas Wyatt, she was horribly abused and raped daily by Council soldiers.

She was a hunter and tracker, but did not grow in strength and effectiveness as the scientists planned. She was considered a potential mate by Jonas Wyatt.

She was pregnant when murdered. She and Mark both died after their Range Rover crashed, as a result of dozens of bullets from Council soldiers tearing through them and the car.

Their faces and bodies were so badly disfigured as a result of their attack that they were unrecognizable; only DNA confirmed their identities. Shee hadn’t been out of captivity out of the Council labs long by the time of her death. Uriel – Lion Loora.

Was held in the same labs as Mercury Warrant. Presumed dead at age 15, thought to have been killed on a mission, but instead, had mated her Council trailer, Mark English and began to work for the Council undercover as an assassin of fellow Breeds code name: Pretended to be Mercury Warrant’s mate, but is really the mate of a Genetics Council head assassin.

Primal Kiss (Breeds, #23) by Lora Leigh in Primal anthology | Elaine Reads . . . constantly!

She is cold and calculating, greedy and vicious, but often uses a childish, soft voice to trick others into believing she is sweet and innocent. Aleski Pri,al – Human. Coyote Breed trainer for the Genetics Council.

Worked in the Chernov Coyote Breed labs. Was a former member of the Russian elite hit squad and worked for unnamed black ops groups for many years. Leig Marion – Human. Brother of Amanda Marion. Is very anti-Breed, cold, and cruel. Uncle and mentor of Kizs. A Council scientist, but not cruel or abusive; he refused to conduct experiments on the Breeds he created. He is considered high-ranking within his field, exceptional, compassionate and dedicated.

One of the few Coyote Breed scientists left alive. Saved and sent into hiding by Anya Kobrin. In hiding from the Genetics Council. Alivia Martinez – Human. Wife of Orrin Martinez.


Primal Kiss

Mother of Ray, Morningstar, and Terran Leith. Biological grandmother of Rule Breaker and Lawe Justice. Her daughter was taken by the Genetics Council to be used as a breeder.

Died of grief two months after her daughter disappeared. Amanda Lee Marion-Bear – Human. Mate of Kiowa Bear Soul Deep. Sister of Alexander Marion. A school teacher who was targeted for kidnapping by beeeds supremacists; rescued by Kiowa Bear.

Hers and Kiowa’s mating was one of the most intense matings recorded by the Breeds. Claimed before her birth by Jonas Wyatt as his own child adopted. Niece of Diane Broen-Justice.

She is three months old when she is kidnapped by Phillip Pdimal and injected with an unknown serum containing Breed hormones. Ever since, she has been experiencing changes on a cellular level, slowly being turned into a Breed.

Unfortunately, these changes make her an outcast to other the Breed children.

Primal Kiss (The Breeds, #23) by Lora Leigh – Risingshadow

She begins walking at barely 8 months old and seems to understand far more than she should at her age. She has developed a soft, kittenish purr, is sweet of nature, but feisty. Her red-gold curly hair is developing soft black and reddish streaks and she has green eyes same color as many cats. Amelia Trace – Human. She is known for her advanced research in genetic anomalies.

She is said to be the perfect scientist, seemingly almost void of emotion. Andrew Breyer – Human. Is married to an unknown human female, with kss human children. Board member of Lawrence Industries. One of the few board members that supported Seth Kisz. He is 52 years old at the start of Dawn’s Awakeningand is described as ‘healthy and robust’. Andrew Robertson – Human. Second in command to Delia Bainesmith before her death. Responsible for the experimentation on Charity Dunmore.

Angel – Coyote Breed. Was trained by the scientists in the lab to lie, trick and deceive anyone, including other Breeds. Cassie’s ‘fairy’ ghost – Coyote Breed. Mate of Carson Ryder deceased. Mother of Cainis Ryder a.

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