Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Van Oudijck is the commissioner of an East Javanese residency of the Dutch East Indies. Eerie, lush, psychologically acute, this Dutch masterpiece from (in a fine new translation by Paul Vincent) is one of the great novels of the.

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He produced novels and stories at a surprisingly fast pace and created a completely new world each and every time, sometimes naturalistic, sometimes historical or symbolic. She has an affair with Addy. The hidden force is an enthralling story about hdden misunderstandings and incomprehension between cultures, as well as between close relatives. Authors and translators Books. This is a personal, moral challenge, but one that Couperus sets in its social and physical context.

The Hidden Force is set in Java aroundand centres around the family of Van Oudijck, the resident essentially the man in charge for the district of Labuwangi in the Dutch colony. The hidden force De stille kracht is a visionary novel that places western culture opposite eastern culture as being irreconcilable.

The Hidden Force: A Story of Modern Java by Louis Couperus

Indeed, Van Oudijck lives in blissful or willful ignorance of most of what is going on in his household: The Hidden Force – UK. They suffer, they are bored, and while they can get together for a good cause the larger picture is one of growing decay moral firce otherwise. What is left is a powerless western man in the Indonesian forest.

But it takes a lot for her to finally complain: The Hidden Force is a tragedy of colonialism essentially comtemporary with, and fully comparable to, the work of Joseph Conrad Bookworld. Divorced, he has four children from his first wife: She is frustrated by her husband’s focus on his work, but unlike most doesn’t go in for the easy affair she could have she, too, has a devoted admirerand instead tries to make the best of life here, putting on entertainments and the like.


And, indeed, The Hidden Force is a story about the futility and cost of colonialism.

The Hidden Force: A Story of Modern Java by Louis Couperus – Free Ebook

One where fate strikes ruthlessly. The universality of this theme helps to prevent his work from ever becoming dated. Other characters are also well-drawn, including the empty vessel that is Addy: But Couperus doesn’t go hisden far overboard with the supernatural and for the most part it is a believable touch, as the locals are also very superstitious.

Hiddrn Hidden Force is a tragedy of colonialism essentially comtemporary with, and fully comparable to, the work of Joseph Conrad. Couperus firmly believes that colonial rule only reaches the surface: But literary fame hardly satisfied him. Teixeira de Mattos’ translation revised and updated by Beekman — who notes: The Hidden Force by Louis Couperus.

Please give your input here. February External links: He is also oblivious to what is happening in his own household. Coiperus was married couprrus his cousin, who helped him with his work and kept him company on his trips, but his work is full of undisguised homosexual emotions, especially in his novels that are set in Antiquity, like the madly decadent The mountain of light and The comedians Rate Please give your input here. He does have a weakness of sorts: People who say farewell to old certainties and learn to deal with a new world full of questions and without answers.


Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not louls to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. And she has an affair with her stepson Theo — at the same time.

The Hidden Force

Gorce addresses themes that far transcend the Dutch border, they regard the whole world. Behind the elegant facade of bourgeois civilization, there are emotions that are very human indeed: Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Addy did not seem to possess a modicum of intellect or imagination, and was incapable of uniting two ideas into one composite thought.

But even in the resolution there foece some nice touches, the catastrophe not quite complete but tied together well. In a novel he wrote a few years later, set in The Hague, Old people and the things that passhe uses a jealous murder from the youth of people who are now very old as an inducement to write about the mystery of passion. The black magic, bird calls, vegetation, heat and the mysterious, hostile attitude of their Javanese subjects prove stronger than the cool power of the colonials.

In the soundtrack, western piano music is affected and discolored by eastern percussion and edited nature sounds.

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