Revelation has 20 ratings and 2 reviews. PlatKat said: When I finished reading The Game, Sean had another book for me. This was more of a how-to guide th. Revelation. Front Cover. Lovedrop. Venusian Arts, – Dating (Social customs ) – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Revelation. Venusian Arts’s Revelation reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of James Matador Stan Tayi, Lovedrop Chris Odom, Mystery.

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His long diatribe about how cute puppies are and how much he wants to nuzzle them would have me weirded out and walking away pretty quick. Even a neg is just an example of embedded disinterest.

Revelation by Chris Odom

This is as unattrac- tive to her as if he had no resources in the first place! I just roll off of her and then return to escalate again. We call this effect social proof. Hold your drink at your side and not in front of your chest.

In ervelation way you can con- tinually lovsdrop her comfort threshold further and further. Stable and Consistent Behavior. United States of America. Click “Submit” to send your review! Great book for those who are looking for a higher quality dating life. Robert Radoslav marked it as to-read Mar 03, The contents of the book include:.


We believe that some of the money from those sales has been used to partially fund the law- suit against Mystery! Like a detached observator.

The important thing to understand about the vibe is that it is real. In the Venusian Arts, we call this the Zen of Cool. Even lobedrop who successfully survive and replicate will still make occasional mistakes. Mystery’s game has been unfortunately mischaracterized by his pioneering use of peacocking, negs, and canned material.

Example 2 And although it seems to her that she finds him attractive because he is the life of the party, in fact, the group’s reactions to him are indicators lovsdrop he is more likely to have high- er social status and better alignments, and therefore more control over resources — all forms of survival value.

This pong vibes out of you, perhaps loverop a look of disgust that passes across your face, revealing your feelings. A key aspect of this is that he explains and describes the conversation pieces and revelstion you use in far more detail.

This is a core secret of attraction. By choosing a more com- patible mate, a woman secures a much better guarantee of access to his resources into the future. Become a master in the art of conversation, or you’ll just look like you’re seeking approval.

This is one of the key principles in microcalibration. Thus women have actually bred men to be more intelligent based on their own sexual selection strat- egy and their own desires.


It’s possible to misuse interest. We call this the Flame, and it is a major subject of this book.

It will be a guide for you in times of romantic uncertainty, and you will see that the revelation contained within these pages becomes richer and more insightful over time as you venture deeper and deeper into the field of practice. Thus, you will come across as too eager — a desperate, low-value guy.

Their presence and interest is an accurate-enough indi- cator of his value that another female can now “take their word for it. Jess marked it as to-read Mar 27, Because of this, it is not enough that a woman merely finds you attractive. Various connection switches must be flipped in order to trigger this emotion. People will react to her, they will try to impress her more, and they will try to not “fuck it up.


Is it a good deal? The primary emotions are: At first it sounded like a good idea, but he went a little too far with the description. This vibe causes people to treat you as if you have lovvedrop status.

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