This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the requirements for qualification of a lyophilizer and validation of lyophilization processes. Since lyophilizer sterilization and sterilization of the nitrogen system used to backfill require separate validation, media fills should primarily validate the filling, . With Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryer validation, it is essential to verify that the system can meet and control to the different temperature.

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SP Scientific service professionals offer your organization a depth of expertise that is truly unique to our selected industries and markets. Participants are encouraged to come prepared with questions and real-life issues.

Who Should Attend Personnel from all levels involved in manufacturing, validation, and quality aspects of the lyophilization process will benefit from this course. Hydrocarbon levels on swabs should not exceed the negative control. The refrigeration system must be able to maintain the temperature of the condenser substantially below the temperature of the product.

You need to break down the tasks, as trying to handle them all in one document would be messy ltophilizer difficult. Stoppering arms must be verified as acting uniformly on all product containers. With SP Scientific your solution is just a call or an e-mail away. All vials are stoppered No vials are damaged. The purpose of the condenser is to attract the vapors being sublimed off of the product.

Experience in development, analytical, manufacturing, or quality activities relating to lyophilization is preferred, but not essential. The reduced weight and volume is a lyolhilizer advantage and the removal of the water does not change the activity of the product.

Choosing a control system for the freeze dryer depends on the application and use i. Depending on the application, moisture content in fully dried products is typically between 0.


These measurements are usually recorded with every cycle to determine when the product is dry. The sterilization cycle provides a minimum cumulative F 0 of 12 minutes, at end of cycle dwell, at each thermocouple.

Exhibit Why Exhibit U. The benefit of this container is that the product can be easily reconstituted by simply adding liquid. Lyophilized products are extremely hydroscopic and they must be sealed in air tight containers following freeze drying to prevent rehydration from atmospheric exposure. Lunch will be provided from Lyophilization Process Validation-Part 1.

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DRY — Heat energy is then added to the product causing the ice to sublime. The cycle time can often be substantially reduced by investigating several factors:.

Process A freeze dryer consists validatipn three main components: This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Raise a User Requirements Specification URS Extract from the production process exactly what parameters are used and how many production cycles are used there is usually one cycle per product. During annealing, the product temperature is cycled for example: The clean steam piping must be L stainless steel.

As I said at the start, it is a big one, but all large tasks are only a series of small tasks put together. Lyophilization can also be performed in other industries like: Application of the principles described in Stages 1 and 2 of the guideline will be discussed in this second webinar. Note that PDA does not sell its exhibitor or attendee lists, and no third-party is authorized to distribute or sell any lists related to our events.

SP Scientific service professionals are highly knowledgeable and are qualified to support every instrument, software and application product that SP Scientific has brought to the market.

Lyophilization Validation – Pharma Applications

Visual and functional characteristics of the dried product are also important for many applications. Additional primary drying endpoint determination tools are available on larger freeze dryers equipped with advanced process control systems. In addition to monitoring each cycle, freeze driers also require regular validation.


The unique battery management system, the design of the logger and the flexible sensors make them suitable for most freeze dryer cycles, overcoming problems associated with the low pyophilizer and temperatures.

Basic Principles of Freeze Drying

Product is either pre-loaded into vials which are then transferred to the shelf or it is loaded in bulk form directly onto a product tray. When sublimation of ice crystals is complete, the product temperature will increase and approach the shelf temperature. Control systems vary in complexity and usually include temperature and pressure sensing ability. Companies often use freeze-drying to increase the shelf life of products, such as vaccines and other injectables.

Personnel from all levels involved in manufacturing, validation, and quality aspects of the lyophilization process will benefit from this course.

Karen has authored and presented numerous papers and courses in freeze drying. With SP Scientific your solution is just a call or an e-mail away. She managed QC groups responsible for analytical procedure transfer and validation activities in support of contract manufacturing clients. Sublimation in the freeze drying process can be described simply as: Performance Qualification No water remains in vials or trays after the appropriate freeze drying cycle is performed.

Lower temperatures are required lophilizer freeze and condense solvents and they can easily bypass the condenser and end up causing damage to the vacuum pump.

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