castings of any material and the weight of castings can range from tens of grams to hundreds of tons. Cast materials capable of sand casting are plain carbon. inclusion of tutorials and sophisticated examples. Finally, starting with the edition corre- sponding to release V, this work aims to provide. MAGMAsoft Project management module Preprocessor module Mesh generator module Mold filling module.

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In case you invoke online help with a browser e. This tutorkal a prerequisite for the work with the other documents, e. The mouse symbol marks the beginning of a section where the application of the mouse is explained in order to execute a function.

Please work in detail through this manual completely and carefully. On the left of the field its parameter is shown, usually with a colon. If you invoke a help text for the first time, pictures do not show up in some cases in the Netscape Navigator. The graphical presentation of results on the screen is the third essential feature. If you mark a box of this kind, the program tktorial chooses the default value for the function connected with this box.

Shortened form in the text Detailed description “Confirm the input with ‘ok'” or Move the mouse pointer on the butsimilar ton labeled with ‘ok’ and confirm the selection by magmasof the left mouse button. Discuss with them the media type e.

This indicates that the line is a reference to another text. Expensive reject castings are avoided, and thtorial quality of the finished product is guaranteed from the very beginning of production.


If no specifications are made, we assume that? Its main part consists of a MAG?


Example of an input field 2 If an ‘ok’ button exists in the window, you must press this button using the mouse in order to store your input and quit the window as in Fig. The letter ‘D’ here stands for ‘Default’. Therefore we encourage you to use intensively the possibilities of variation that? Tutlrial of an input field 1 Unit Proceed as follows if you want to enter data into an input field: Autonomous optimization of casting quality and yield.

Please point out exactly what kind of help you expect from us. Correlation matrix to assess the impact of process variables on different quality criteria. Your input is accepted. If the documentation does not provide any answer to your question, our support hotline MAGMA Germany is available under the following numbers: Autonomous optimization of cooling system layout for thermal balance in permanent molds.

You always have to select the ‘ok’ button or the corresponding menu entry with the mouse. The entire casting process from the magmasift of the melt into the mold up to solidification tutoial subsequent feeding is available as a sound physical calculation model for all casting methods and materials.

Virtual Design of Experiments to autonomously optimize magmasodt conditions to reduce casting distortion. It can be combined with other programs, e. Do not use backslashes.


The calculation of permanent mold processes with multiple cycles and the corresponding heating tutoriao cooling processes is also possible. References appear colored on the screen, the actual help texts appear black.


It is equipped with a detailed index Part two, Ch. Enter your data using the keyboard. It tuttorial again contain references to further text sub-topics. The range of results comprises residual stresses and distortion, microstructure formation and local properties. It can be integrated into an existing EDP environment. There is an interface for importing already existing geometry data.

Casting has developed from a form of art to a high tech production magmaasoft. Prediction of sand burn-on and penetration. If you activate this button, another window appears.

In the documentation, these systems are consequently called “Windows”. Prediction of feeding and porosity. Easy and automated result evaluation. Here you find answers to those questions that are immediately connected to the use of the software.

Hot spots in the casting shown in x-ray mode. In the first example illustrated above Fig. The manual focuses mainly on the description of the program’s functionality, whereas the tutorial illustrates these functions. In addition, you have the following options in order to change between the current help window and those that you have invoked earlier: You must frequently use the left mouse button during a program session to activate functions or to make a selection.

Here you must enter your own specifications, normally figures, into special fields. There are different kinds of buttons: In magmasoftt decades extensive work has led to an ever more complete understanding of this process.

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