At first, I can’t understand how the title fits into the story. The title points out to a main character in the story – the mother. In the beginning of the. Free Essay: MAGNIFICENCE by Estrella Alfon There was nothing to fear, for the man was always so gentle, so kind. At night when the little girl. A Freudian Psychological Literary Analysis By: Patrick Mercado The story “ Magnificence”, written by Estrella Alfon, portrays a family who has.

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Estrella Alfon

Email required Address never made public. In rages, one kept a collection.

It was not always that he came. Sometimes for paper butterflies that are held on sticks, and whirr in the wind. Vicente was earlier than usual that evening. But when the girl turned to comply, the mother said, No, tomorrow will magniricence. He made no resistance, offered no defense. ValentineJournal “I’ve got an ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.

Mother nodded her head and said, if you want to bother yourself. Their mother saw them with eyes that held pride, and then to partly gloss over the maternal gloating she exhibited, she said to the man, in answer to his praise, But their homework. Common terms and phrases Abdon Alan Andika arms Aruy asked aunt bamboo magnifocence belfry beside big lug brother called carabao Cebu centavos estfella church churchyard clothes cochero coconut Compostela cried Crow crowd crying dream dress Elmo Espeleta eyes face father feet fingers Garcia hair hand head heard hurried husband Imping Inday Inday’s Jonny kiss knew laughed Leyte Lily Lily’s lips listened little girl looked Luisa Marco Maring Maring’s Martha maue mistress modista mother mouth Mummy Nene Nero never night parachi peleta pencils piano picture pinuti play policeman Ramon Rosa Sancho seemed shoulders shouted singing Siyay slapped smiled sometimes song stairs stones stood stopped stories street Tagalog talk tambourine tears tell Tesiang things thought told took trees tried tuba turned Vicente voice volunteer guards waited walk watch window woman women words young.


Nowadays, many people are like Vicente, they pretend so as to get what they want. Vicente used pencils to stimulate the little kids and earn their trust and also used the pencils so that they will be excited to see him again.

And the third pencil, a jumbo size pencil really, was white, and had been sharpened, and the little girl jumped up and down, and shouted with glee.

The story shows how some people, especially today in times of poverty, will really do everything for them to be able to live.

She did this so that the girl will really be happy and be able to induce envy in her classmates. In the beginning of the story, I found the mother too trusting. They were all of five centavos each, and one pencil was not at all what one had ambitions for. I feel so esrtella more fulfilled because I had that early gift.

“Magnificence” Estrella Alfon | ValentineJournal

The clothes that she had taken off the little girl, she bundled into a tight wrenched bunch, which she threw into the kitchen range. The Veronicans are recognized as the first group of Filipino writers to write almost exclusively in English and were formed prior to the World War II. And the man said, I have nothing to do in the evenings, let me help them. This site uses cookies. This device of separating herself as narrator from the other characters is contained within the larger strategy of?


But Vicente had jumped up too soon as the little girl had jumped from his lap. Vicente said to the little boy, Go and ask if you can let me have a glass of water. This entry was posted on January eztrella, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There was a pause. Email required Address never made public. The mother went to the cowering man, and marched him with a glance out magnificencr the circle of light that held the little boy.

And this observation their mother said to their father, who was eating his evening meal between paragraphs of the book on masonry rites that he was reading. I was just hooked.

Take them and throw them into the fire. She was so strong, fierce, and powerful that Vicente was like a mouse to a lion.

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