The Progress of Insight: (Visuddhiñana-katha), by The Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, translated from the Pali with Notes by Nyanaponika Thera (; 33pp . Instructions to Insight meditation. Mahasi Sayadaw. (The following is a talk by the Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw Agga Maha Pandita U Sobhana given to his disciples. Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma (now Myanmar). Meditation Method: Vipassana meditation is in the tradition of the late Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw of.

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In vipassana meditation, what you name or say doesn’t matter.

A unique feature of this Council was the editing of the commentaries Atthakatha and sub-commentaries tikasas well as the canonical texts. The venerable Mahasi Sayadaw passed away on the 14th of August shortly after returning from another tour of India and Thailand.

If you simply think of something, mentally note, thinking. In the midst of all these manifold and strenuous activities, he never neglected his own meditative life which had enable him to give wise guidance to those instructed by him. Mahasi Sayadaw began sqyadaw these two works on 2nd Februaryfor one and a half or two hours daily. If you envision or imagine a light or colour, be sure to note seeing. While noting the rising and falling of the abdomen he will come to distinguish the rising of the abdomen as physical phenomenon and the mental act of noting of it as psychical phenomenon; similarly with the falling of the abdomen.

Six hours’ maahsi is clearly enough for health. Sayada the meantime Burma has regained her independence on 4 th January In recognition of his distinguished scholarship and spiritual attainments, Mahasi Sayadaw was honored in by the then President of the Union of Burma with the prestigious title of Agga Maha-Pandita the Exaltedly Wise One. A few such centers also grew up in Cambodia and India.

For tackling this part, the Sayadaw had to, among other things, familiarize himself with ancient Hindu philosophical doctrines and terminology by studying all available references, including works in Sanskrit and English.

Another such practitioner was Mr. Note also, as they arise, the bending and stretching and moving of the limbs, bending and raising of the head, swaying and straightening of the body. These are to be noted carefully too. It is also important for you mahassi begin your training with sayadas brief contemplation on the “Four Protections” which the Enlightened One, the Buddha, offers you for reflection.


While engaged in the regular practise of contemplating bodily movements you need not be concerned with objects of seeing and hearing. Sobhana took up intensive practice of vipasana meditation for four months with such good results that he was in turn able to teach it properly to his first three disciples at Seikkhun while he was on a visit there in He was a bright pupil, making remarkably quick progress in his scriptural studies.

As he relishes the food and swallows it, as the food goes down his throat, he should note all these happenings. In the meantime Burma has regained her independence on 4 th January Its benefit to the Buddhist movement in Sri Lanka was a revival of interest in meditation, which seemed to have declined. On 4th December Mahasi Sayadaw personally instructed the very first batch of twenty-five meditators in the practice of vipassana.

Inwhile the Council was in progress, twelve Japanese monks and a Japanese laywoman arrived in Burma to study Theravada Buddhism.

Dhamma e-Book written by Mahasi Sayadaw U Sobhana Mahathera

Archived from the original on Within a few years of the establishment of the principal Sasana Sayadaq at Rangoon, similar meditation sayadaww sprang up in many parts of the country with Mahasi-trained members of the Sangha as meditation teachers. This work excels the average nissaya translation of this Sutta, which is very important for those who wish to practise vipassana meditation but need guidance.

Each movement of the hands, legs and rump must be performed in complete awareness. If you intend to lift the hand or leg, make a mental note intending. While teaching at Taungwainggale, Ven.

Mahasi Sayadaw

If there is nothing saaydaw particular to note, put the mind on the rising and falling of the abdomen. He has subsequently published a book in France about his experiences and the satipathana vipassana method of meditation. When you resume contemplation you will have them again as soon as you gain in mindfulness. U Thwin donated a plot of land on Hermitage Road, in Rangoon, measuring about five acres or so, for the erection of the first buildings for the proposed Meditation Practice Centre.


Should the itching continue and become too strong and you intend to rub the itchy part, be sure to make a mental note, intending. Inwhile the Council was in progress, twelve Japanese monks and a Japanese laywoman arrived in Burma to study Theravada Buddhism. But when you are taking a walking exercise, contemplate on each step in three sections; up, forward, down.

It is just like a continuous succession of new electrical impulses that light up electric lamps. After you have gained sufficient concentration in contemplating you will be able to overcome drowsiness and you will feel refreshed as a result.

This is how the yogi should note as he takes one morsel after another of his food. One should begin by noting this movement, which may be done by the mind intently observing the abdomen. This discriminating knowledge is called namarupa-pariccheda-nanasayadad beginning of the vipassana-nana.

When bringing the cup to the lips, bringing.

Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw – A Biographical Sketch

Mahasi Monastery, YangonMyanmar. U Thwin wanted to promote the Buddha Sasana by setting up a meditation centre directed by a teacher of proven virtue and ability. When making bodily movements, the yogi should do so gradually as if he were a weak invalid, gently moving the arms and legs, bending swyadaw stretching them, bending down the head and bringing it up.

These centers were not confined to Burma alone, but extended to neighboring Theravada contries like Thailand and Sri Lanka. You might feel more comfortable if the legs are not interlocked but evenly placed on the ground, without pressing one against the other. While noting thus and if a desire to lie down arises, note it and the movements of your legs and arms as you lie down.

The mission discussed the plan with the Thathanabaings Primates of the Buddhist Church of these two countries. Both of them were accomplished meditators.

As the movements involved in these acts are rather quick, as many of them should be noted as possible. One may, if one likes, practise anapanasati. The movement and the mental awareness of it should coincide in the same way as a stone thrown hits the target.

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